Game Localization

Expert localization services for video games – we translate indie and AAA games for all platforms including Console, PC, MMO,
browser-based and mobile games for iOS & Android.

Translation of games and related material is the true test of localization. What works for the gamers in the US may not work for their peers in France – the content that lacks the right tone or appeal will definitely not be fun.

Games localization requires a creative approach and an understanding of the mood to deliver the best suited solutions across various devices and platforms. By recreating the spirit of the game and letting the language build an entire world for individuals and communities across the globe, we help you score points with every player.

Games need more than just translation: localization, globalization, and cultural adaptations are all part of a successful international launch for your titles. Game localization must offer players the same interface, sensation and game experience that is faithful to the source material. Poorly translated games can generate much disappointment in the target audience and render the new major release a failure in the target market.

Game localization comes with its own challenges and we are prepared to help you face them, making your games accessible on a global scale.

AppLoc offers a comprehensive suite of translation, localization, and multimedia services for the gaming industry. Our game industry linguists are also avid gamers who understand the needs of players and the terminologies across various platforms and genres. Our services for gaming include: In-game text, UI, user manuals, voice-over, marketing materials, legal docs, and website localization.