Why AppLoc

We have right people, process and controls. We understand the industry as our team is consisted of experienced linguists who are also hardcore gamers and creative talents. Should you have any requests they will treat them with passion and professionalism to your satisfaction.


We understand we live in a dynamic and fast-paced industry. Working with us, you will have a dedicated project manager to address your request in a timely manner.


We not only manage project deliverable quality, but also our process and system quality. We keep everything on the track to make sure your project ends in success.


We have 150+ linguists and professionals to support all major language combinations through the life circle of a project. Send us your request, and we will offer our solution. We are here helping you go global with local native resource.


We work in a cloud-based environment and everyone needs to sign NDA with us prior to joining us. So, please be assured your data will be very safe with us.


Our operation cost is far lower than the giant companies; We are a cost‐efficient solution for you. We respect your budget and always trying to do more for your budget.


We want to be a good citizen as a company. We repay to the society by contributing to children education since 2017. We respect all our employees and partners and care for them and their families.


What our clients say

We value feedbacks on our services regardless of positive or negative.
We think our most demanding customers are our greatest source of learning, continuous improvement, and development.


Program Manager, Ookla

"Our native Chinese speaker did compliment the translation, saying that so often translations read as word by word reflections but this felt like it was actually written in Chinese."



Senior project manager, TripAdvisor

"We look forward to working with you on the TripAdvisor account, quality results have been very good on your stream of work on this account which is the main reason why we want to move the remaining workstreams to your team."



Team Lead, Unity

"Our reviewer is satisfied with our service and only made 5 preferential edits among around 23000 words.
Your serious and responsible attitude towards poor quality TM really impressed."