Qualification & Experience

Qualification & Experience

With years of experience in the localization industry, our team at AppLoc brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of cultural nuances, linguistic accuracy, and technical proficiency to ensure flawless and culturally appropriate translations.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified, which ensures our dedication to quality management, and ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our dedication to information security.

With ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified by Intertek, we keep everything on track to ensure the success of your projects. In 2020, our LQA pass rate is 95.91% which is even higher than 95% set by world leading companies.

By complying to our ISO 27001 information security management system certified by Intertek, we only work with trusted employees and partners who have signed a compulsory non-disclosure agreement. Your data will be very safe with us.


We are proud to work with esteemed clients such as Argos, Vistatec, Toppan Digital Language, Weshare, Alibaba, HWACHANG, and Hithium.

Discover how our expertise and dedication have helped these industry leaders achieve their localization and language needs. Explore our successful partnerships and the professional solutions we have delivered.